What To Expect With CEREC Technology With Dental Crowns

November 1, 2022
CEREC Technology With Dental Crowns

Modern CEREC crown technology allows for better comfort, excellence in treatment outcomes, shorter visits, and a faster recovery time for our San Diego patients. Why schedule double the appointments if you don’t have to?


What is CEREC Technology?

CEREC is a special in-office milling machine that creates custom dental crowns at our San Diego practice instead of waiting for an offsite lab to make them for our patients. Each CEREC crown is crafted out of durable ceramic, which has been specially chosen to match your surrounding teeth.






Advantages Of Using CEREC Technology


Some of the advantages of choosing CEREC crowns instead of traditional lab-made “caps” include perks like:

  • One appointment instead of two
  • Extremely high accuracy and fit
  • The crown is made from solid ceramic with no visible metals
  • A variety of color-matching options
  • No need for temporary crowns or additional numbing
  • Long-lasting, durable restorations
  • No messy impressions

Two appointments are required for most lab-made restorations (such as crowns, veneers, and bridges.) These appointments are normally scheduled two weeks apart, with the patient wearing a temporary crown while they wait. But with CEREC, the treatment can be completed in one visit. We won’t need to send any impressions or models to a 3rd party lab or wait for the permanent restoration to come back for a try-in. Everything is completed that same day.

Depending on your oral health needs, you can also complete other treatments during the same appointment or simply sit back and read a book or listen to music while your custom crown is milled. Because CEREC eliminates potential human error, we can guarantee an excellent fit on the same day.

What To Expect When Having CEREC Treatment

The procedure for placing a same-day CEREC crown is almost the same as traditional crowns, but it’s consolidated into one appointment rather than two.

To prevent any discomfort, our San Diego dentist numbs the tooth completely so that a little pressure is all you should feel. Next, we’ll remove any damaged tooth structures and reduce the width of the enamel, creating space for a crown to fit over the entire tooth. Then we take the 3D CEREC scanning tool and create a virtual impression of your tooth, which converts into a digital model in our milling software. From there, we select the appropriate shade of ceramic, and the CEREC machine begins to carve your crown from scratch. Once we bond the crown into place, you’ll be on your way.

FAQs About CEREC Technology Treatments

How long do CEREC crowns last?

CEREC crowns are just as durable and long-lasting as traditional lab-made crowns. To help your crown last as long as possible, it’s important to brush and floss around your “cap” daily and avoid biting down on anything that might chip a natural tooth. Properly maintained dental crowns can last for several years.

Will my CEREC crown look like a real tooth?

We have a variety of ceramic colors and shades to choose from to ensure your new CEREC crown matches your smile as closely as possible. If you have unique tooth coloring, especially in a front tooth, we might recommend special color matching from a dental lab to ensure an exact match.

Who can get a CEREC crown?

Any adult who needs a dental crown can consider same-day CEREC treatment. Such as individuals with large areas of decay, cracked or broken teeth, or after root canal treatment.

How much do CEREC crowns cost?

CEREC crowns help save you money by reducing the total amount of time in the dentist’s office, so you won’t have to miss work, school, or make extra back-and-forth trips. We can file your CEREC crown toward your insurance benefits, making the process comparable to traditional crown treatment.

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