Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile Today

January 25, 2021
Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile Today

If you are missing teeth from trauma or tooth decay, it can be life changing cosmetically and functionally. Fortunately, your dental office in San Diego offers dental implants as a permanent, comfortable solution to restore your smile!

What are dental implants?


If a tooth is extracted or is congenitally missing, replacement is important for several reasons. Aesthetics. Comfort. Function. The list goes on and on but most can agree permanent replacement is the most comfortable and natural. A dental implant is the closest restoration to replace an actual tooth.


Dental implants are broken down into the implant screw, custom abutment, and personalized restoration (dental crown, bridge or denture). An implant screw serves as the root of the tooth and is gently inserted into the jawbone to provide support and stability for your new tooth. There are several types of dental implants depending on your bone condition, treatment plan, and budget, but the purpose of the implant is to provide a strong foundation for your new restoration.


An abutment connects your implant to your dental prosthetic. You can rest assured that your dentist in 92109 uses the finest quality laboratories to create custom dental crowns, bridges, and implant supported dentures. You will leave smiling with the most natural looking tooth!

What is the implant process?


At Altrock Fabb Dental, we make the dental implant process comfortable and transparent so you understand each step of the way. At your initial consultation, we will discuss your eligibility for dental implants. This includes your medical and dental histories and any imaging needed. Our advanced 3-D imaging helps guide you to show you from start to finish how your new tooth will look and function.


Your dental implant is surgically placed into the jaw bone using accurate implant placement to guarantee long lasting results. Many people require a bone graft to help support the implant to osseointegrate and give your jawbone more stability.


Once healed for several months, we can start to design your custom prosthetic. Our patients love this stage because it is close to the finish line where they will see their new restoration and get the feel of how their new tooth functions. When your custom prosthetic is completed, we permanently inset it to give you a new, natural smile.


What are the benefits of dental implants?


Implants serve so many benefits for different people, but the best thing about them is that they are permanent and don’t need replacement like a denture or bridge. Other benefits of getting an implant include:


  • They are cavity proof! You don’t have to worry about getting tooth decay again!
  • Implants help avoid your jaw bone from deteriorating and receding.
  • An implant helps restore permanent function instead of a mobile, uncomfortable denture.
  • Dental implants resemble your actual tooth more than any other type of prosthetic replacement.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for implants?


Dental implants in San Diego are the way to go for tooth replacement. However, we need to ensure you are eligible based on your overall health and dental health. You need to have sufficient bone for implant success. Also, those with uncontrolled medical disorders may not be good candidates because it may deter your implant from osseointegrating properly. Call our office today to discuss your treatment options and if you are an optimal candidate for implants.

What is the cost of a dental implant?


A dental implant is a positive investment in your overall health. Our team at Altrock Fabb Dental will always work with you to create an affordable treatment plan to attain your oral care goals. We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your treatment and financing options.


Dental implants are one the most popular sought out dental treatments among in San Diego for missing teeth. There is no better or safer option for restoring your smile and function. It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality dental care that you and your family expect and deserve. Call our office today to discuss dental implants and how they can change your life today.

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