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The team at Altrock Fabb Dental is committed to helping you maintain a whole, healthy smile. When your teeth become compromised by injury or decay, we use high-quality dental fillings to restore appearance and prevent future damage.

Dental fillings provide a quick, easy way to preserve your natural tooth. In fact, dental fillings are among the quickest, easiest, and most important restorative dental treatments:

–     Treatment is virtually painless

–     Stop decay from spreading deep into your tooth and causing extensive damage

Here’s what you can expect during a simple dental fillings procedure at Altrock Fabb Dental:

–     Your dentist removes all signs of decay from damaged tooth

–     The filling material is applied into the treated area

–     The completed filling is cured and hardened with an LED laser or UV light

Cavity treatment is simple, cost-effective, and essential to a healthy mouth. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Altrock or Dr. Fabb today to protect your smile.


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