Tooth Whitening in Pacific Beach near San Diego, CA

Tooth whitening has become the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures for patients with discolored teeth. If you’re frustrated by yellow and brown stains that show when you smile, tooth whitening is a safe and simple treatment shown to efficiently remove discoloration and restore a bright white appearance.

The team at Altrock & Fabb Dental is committed to treating tooth whitening patients with the best whitening technologies available. We offer a range of treatment options, including quick and easy in-office light-activated Zoom! whitening, as well as take-home tray systems for your convenience. Call our office to learn more about our whitening services and schedule your first appointment.

Tooth Whitening in San Diego

Fluoride and Sealants Near You

Every time you eat and drink, your teeth are vulnerable to sugars, acids, bacteria, and food debris. It’s important to protect your teeth from these substances with sealants and fluoride.


A dental sealant creates a solid, durable coating over the grooves of your molars to prevent cavities from forming in areas your toothbrush can’t reach. We recommend sealants on young children and adults as the easiest and most efficient preventive measure.


Fluoride is applied as a varnish over all of the teeth to stop cavities from developing. Decades of research demonstrate the power of fluoride to reduce the prevalence of decay, especially in children. We recommend that all of our young patients receive regular fluoride treatments in Pacific Beach as soon as their teeth erupt.

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