Why We Perform Laser Bacterial Reduction During Hygiene Visits

May 3, 2021
Why We Perform Laser Bacterial Reduction During Hygiene Visits

Our dentist in Pacific Beach offers a unique service that keeps patients’ smiles healthier than ever: laser bacterial reduction.


Since up to 90% of dental patients have some type of gingivitis or gum infection. Prevention is key. Without regular hygiene care and good oral hygiene, periodontitis can ultimately lead to tooth loss. In fact, gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States.


While you might be used to having your teeth gently scaled and polished during your “routine” checkup, Altrock Fabb Dental also incorporates safe laser therapy to take your preventative strategy to the next level.


A Safe Way to Combat Bacteria


Our dental hygienist in Pacific Beach will add a dental laser to most adult cleaning appointments, especially if there are areas of minor to moderate gum inflammation. As a laser-certified hygienist, incorporating this safe technology into your “routine” checkup gives you a boost against bacteria and jump-starts your way to better oral health.


Soft tissue lasers are unique in that they can effectively reduce infectious bacteria while still leaving healthy gum tissues intact. As an FDA-approved medical-grade device, the treatment is extremely safe, gentle, and effective.


In most cases, you’ll have your teeth scaled (cleaned) like “normal”, and then we’ll follow up with the laser along the edges of your gumlines throughout your mouth, particularly at locations where the tissues are red, inflamed, or had a heavy bacterial presence. We’ll also polish your teeth to lift away surface stains. You’ll feel the same usual “clean” afterward, but you can know that you’re getting the best preventative cleaning that you’ve ever had.


The Advantage of Laser Gum Decontamination


During conventional dental cleanings, we are physically removing bacteria with a fine-tipped instrument. These scalers or curettes are gently used to make overlapping strokes across the surface of each tooth — particularly along the gumline — until all visible buildup is removed.


However, even after an extremely detailed hand scale, there can be microscopic amounts of bacteria that are dislodged and still present inside of your mouth. These bacterial colonies tend to congregate most along the gumlines and just under the edges of your gum tissues. To ensure the “cleanest clean” possible, and safely eradicate any remaining bacterial plaque, a medical-grade laser is used along the edges of the gums after a hand scaling is complete. This added non-invasive step serves as a final once-over to ensure nothing gets left behind. It may seem a bit overzealous, but our dentist in Pacific Beach knows that it is the absolute best thing we can do for our patients.


“What Does it Feel Like?”


Adding laser bacterial reduction onto your dental hygiene appointment only requires a few extra minutes, so it doesn’t take up much of your time. The laser itself is extremely gentle, as it’s used on one of the lowest settings — which ensures it kills bacteria and doesn’t hurt your gums — as we trace around each tooth. You’ll likely hear a series of small beeping sounds but may not notice a physical sensation whatsoever. Occasionally, some people say that they feel a slight warmth in that area where the laser is being applied.


Going Above and Beyond


Since our practice is equipped with state-of-the-art laser equipment, we believe we owe this preventative service to all of our patients. We don’t simply reserve laser therapy for individuals who have already reached the point of aggressive gum disease. Rather, our dental hygienist in Pacific Beach will incorporate it earlier on to prevent periodontal infections from developing in the first place. It’s just one way we aim to go above and beyond when it comes to helping you keep your smile healthy for the rest of your life.


Laser Dental Hygiene Near You


Why get a “routine” dental cleaning when our dental hygiene near you provides the best clean possible. Looking for laser bacterial reduction in Pacific Beach? Contact Altrock Fabb Dental in Pacific Beach to reserve your next preventative care appointment.

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