What is Laser Dentistry?

October 1, 2021
what is laser dentistry

When it comes to laser dentistry in Pacific Beach, it’s important to understand that not all dental lasers are created equal. Some are only used for certain procedures, while others allow for more expanded services. At Altrock Fabb Dental we incorporate advanced laser therapy that’s appropriate for a wide variety of routine and more specialized types of treatment options.


What is Laser Dentistry?


Laser dentistry uses FDA-approved medical-grade light/laser technology for adjusting hard and soft tissues like teeth and gingiva (gums.)


How does laser dentistry work?


By adjusting the wavelength and strength of the laser, so that it provides tissue alteration in the most minimally invasive manner possible.

The light power from a dental laser allows pinpointed accuracy when treating conditions such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and snoring.


Benefits of Laser Dentistry


Depending on what your oral health needs may be, dental lasers can sometimes replace the need for drilling or making incisions. The beam of a laser is small enough that it can target specific points in your mouth, without irritating any areas adjacent to it. In fact, the slight cauterization effects of the laser itself can significantly reduce the chances of any inflammation or bleeding during a soft tissue treatment, making recovery times significantly shorter and more comfortable for our patients.


Minimally invasive treatments aren’t just gentler on your smile. They also help preserve the greatest amount of healthy tooth structure. That way we can treat issues as early as possible—while they’re extremely small—without compromising the healthy areas around them. For example, if you have a small cavity, we can clean it out with the dental laser, then place an extremely modest filling at that location. This is preferable when the decay is smaller than the width of the mechanical tool we usually use to clean out decay.


Laser dentistry is gentle enough that we can usually perform basic procedures without any numbing medications. Since only the outermost layers of tooth or skin are involved, there is little to no irritation whatsoever.


Using a dental laser for snoring, gum recontouring, or extractions also provides quick results. Since the laser works instantly on the tooth or gum tissues, the results are evident within just a few moments. Home care is easier and more comfortable, as you do not have to worry about medications, dressings, or sutures. The healing process is essentially “jump-started” with the laser, meaning you’ll see a big difference without added time to recover. 


Wide Variety of Treatment Options


Dental lasers are so diverse that we can use them for several different “routine” dental services. Here’s how they transform some of our basic oral health treatments:


Snoring Treatment—Chronic snoring may be caused by loose or sagging tissues that vibrate in the back of your mouth. Applying a dental laser is a safe way to naturally tighten and shrink the skin, reducing the likelihood of any sleep disruptions for you and your loved ones.


Gum Disease and Bacterial Reduction—Incorporating a laser into dental cleaning and periodontal therapy appointments provide you with a “blank slate” to work with. The laser safely removes the “bad” bacteria while leaving healthy tissues intact.


Teeth Whitening—A laser can be extremely effective at targeting specific areas of severe tooth stain, even if it’s caused by natural discoloration. Lasers help oxidize stain particles for faster and more significant whitening results.


Gummy Smile Treatment, Recontouring—If gum tissues are uneven or covering the tooth, a laser can gently reshape the edges without any cutting involved. Some minor warmth or slight irritation is all you’ll probably feel.


Dental Fillings—The laser only removes an extremely small, localized area of decay while leaving adjacent enamel intact. Treatment is gentle enough that it can usually be performed without local anesthetic or numbing gel.

Laser Dental Clinic in Pacific Beach


For laser dentistry in Pacific Beach, trust your smile to Altrock Fabb Dental. Our innovative solutions and state-of-the-art resources ensure the highest quality and comfort during your oral care visits. Contact our office today to get started!

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