Say Goodbye to Yellow Smiles With Teeth Whitening

January 4, 2021
Say Goodbye To Yellow Smiles With Teeth Whitening

We all look in the mirror at times and wish we had a celebrity smile with bright white teeth. Fortunately, you can simply revitalize your smile with teeth whitening to give you the confidence you deserve.


Teeth come in all different shades and some people just happen to have a more naturally white smile than others. Genetics is a major cause of your teeth shade, but other factors like diet, hygiene, cigarettes, and medication also influence the color of our teeth. Sometimes simply aging can cause our teeth to have a dull appearance. If you dream of restoring your teeth to their original white color, consider teeth whitening your solution.


Teeth whitening is a relatively cost-efficient and non-invasive dental treatment to drastically improve your smile. If you are curious about teeth whitening, schedule a consultation to discuss your cosmetics needs.


What are the benefits of teeth whitening?


Teeth whitening has several benefits that can help you instantly improve your smile. Some of the most common advantages of whitening include:


  • Safe and quick results: Whether you choose an in-office session or custom trays at home, you will get results
  • Healthy oral appearance: A whiter smile shows you put effort into your oral health and care about presenting a youthful look.
  • Increased confidence: Teeth whitening instantly helps boost your self-esteem because it gives an indication you care about your appearance.
  • Cost-effective cosmetic treatment: A smile makeover can be costly, but teeth whitening is a simple way with a lower price tag to produce major results


What is Zoom Whitening?


We use only the highest grade and most advanced bleaching formula to give you guaranteed results. At Altrock and Fabb Dental we value your time and understand it can be an investment to put into cosmetic dental work. This is why we utilize a peroxide whitening gel that has the most effective whitening and custom trays. We guarantee a dramatic transformation that is long-lasting and reliable.

We use a combination of in-office and at-home custom trays for several weeks depending on the severity of your staining or discoloration. The innovative technology works by helping fight the deepest of stains to brighten a person’s teeth.


The whitening process


At Altrock and Fabb Dental, we take the time to discuss your individualized treatment plan and how the whitening process will change your smile.

Your treatment will begin with a consultation to discuss if you are a proper candidate and evaluation of your oral health. A custom mold will be taken to create whitening trays that you can conveniently use at home.

If you have severe staining, a professional in-office session will help maximize your whitening results. This conditioning stage is beneficial to prepare your teeth for your in-office session.


An in-office Zoom whitening session usually lasts about 2 hours as the gel is applied in several applications to optimize whitening results. Finally, you can use your custom trays fabricated for touch-ups whenever you feel that you need to brighten your smile!


Who is a good candidate for teeth whitening?


Teeth whitening is a wonderful treatment solution for people who have extrinsic staining. This means if you have staining from foods and beverages like coffee or soda, teeth whitening will help brighten your smile. Almost anyone is eligible for whitening, but if you have a veneer or dental crown, whitening won’t match your adjacent teeth and you may be in need of other cosmetic services.


Don’t wait to whiten your teeth!


Teeth whitening is the most popular and safest cosmetic dental treatment available. Studies show that over 95% of adults believe an attractive smile is a huge influence of meeting the opposite sex and that it can affect career success. Wherever you look from magazines to social media, teeth whitening can positively affect your lifestyle.


How to get whiter teeth in San Diego, CA


Many dentists will promise instant results with expensive teeth whitening products that really don’t guarantee long lasting results. You can rest assured that our practice uses the safest and highest quality gels and trays to give you the results you deserve. Call our office for a consultation to discuss your whitening needs today.

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