Lower Your Dental Costs with Our Loyalty Program

November 1, 2021
lower your dental costs with our loyalty program

No insurance? Our local dentist discount plan offers most of the same benefits of dental insurance coverage without the middle man. Instead, our Fabb Loyalty Program membership offers you varying levels of benefits depending on your individual or family’s needs.


What is a Dental Membership Plan?


A dental membership plan is a better alternative to traditional dental insurance. Instead of buying into a plan that dictates which dentist you need to see or what services they want to cover, you get a discount program from the dentist of your choice: Altrock Fabb Dental Members receive all of the basic preventative care services under traditional dental insurance with no annual maximums or deductibles to meet.


Need a filling? No problem! Members won’t have to file insurance claims or wait for pre-approvals. We’ll draft your care plan with an automatic members-only discount so you know exactly how much everything costs. Whether you only need one tooth fixed or are undergoing full mouth reconstruction, the same benefits apply!


Dental membership plans give you the flexibility to get the care you need when you need it. Not what an insurance company says you can or can’t have.


How do Dental Discount Programs Work?


Our standard adult membership (San Diego patients) allows you to access affordable prevention-based dentistry without a third-party insurance premium. You won’t have to meet deductibles or copays, or annual maximums. All of the benefits are immediately accessible upon joining, so you can get the care you need with zero waiting periods or running out of coverage.


Since a dental membership plan doesn’t require the input of a third-party insurance provider, you can:


  • Avoid confusing insurance claims or denials
  • Prevent pre-authorization or pre-approval for treatment
  • Know exactly how much your treatment costs out-of-pocket
  • Eliminate co-pays and deductibles; spend as much or little as you need on dental care
  • Enjoy included prevention-based appointments (cleanings, exams, etc.)
  • Receive automatic discounts on most treatments
  • Avoid shopping for third-party coverage
  • Optional plans for periodontal care
  • Choice of child membership (San Diego)


Are Dental Discount Plans Better Than Insurance?


A lot of dental insurance plans cut off at a specific amount each year. So, if you need more treatment than that, your insurance won’t cover it. A dental discount program allows you to get an automatic deduction on all of the treatments you need, regardless of how few or many there are.


Insurance plans often impact whether or not a person can access care. If their plan discourages coverage on certain treatments, our patients may need to choose the second-best option. Or if there are waiting periods, they may need to delay care for up to six months or even a year.


Depending on what your oral health is typically like—and if you tend to have healthy teeth or need frequent treatments—our loyalty program can help save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in the years to come.


When your insurance plan dictates the care you receive, you have to fit appointments around specific dates and deadlines. But the biggest concern is that insurance plans “cap out” and only cover a certain amount per year. Once you’ve spent that budget on dental care, no further discounts apply. With a private dental loyalty plan, you only pay what you need and you can be the judge of which treatments to pursue.


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Altrock Fabb Dental makes it easy to sign up for our discount loyalty plan or add family members at any time. After your initial joiner’s fee, you immediately access included exams, cleanings, x-rays, and a 15% discount on most other procedures. Adult memberships are as low as $48 a month and children start at $38 a month.


Why sign up for dental insurance when there’s something even better? Join the Fabb Loyalty Program to get started. Contact us today for more information.

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