How Do Dental Lasers Treat Snoring?

February 1, 2022
How Do Dental Lasers Treat Snoring?

Are you considering laser snoring treatment in Pacific Beach? Laser snoring treatment is a safe, non-invasive option for people who need fast snoring relief and don’t want to wear a removable sleep appliance.

But to understand how our dentist in Pacific Beach treats snoring, it’s first important to explain the process of how does laser snoring treatment work.


The Type of Laser Used


Not all dental lasers are created equal. Some are used for hard tissues like teeth, for drill-free fillings. Others are used to reshape gum tissue or perform periodontal pocket decontamination. But only certain types of dental lasers are approved to safely treat and manage snoring.


Solea Laser Snoring Treatment


Our dentist in Pacific Beach uses the FDA-approved Solea laser.

Solea is not invasive to your tissues. There are no complicated recovery times or surgeries to prepare for. It is extremely gentle and can revolutionize the way people manage their snoring. The unique Solea laser system is proven to stop snoring and provide immediate results in just one five minute treatment.


How Does Laser Snoring Treatment Work?


Solea lasers use gentler wavelengths of light energy than more aggressive types of medical lasers. These wavelengths are specially designed to treat soft tissues like the ones in the back of your mouth.

Snoring often originates at the top of your throat, near your tonsils and soft palate. The soft palate is the area at the top of the mouth that vibrates against your tonsils or tongue, causes snoring sounds. Applying a laser causes collagen fibers to tighten inside your soft tissues, firming them so that they’re less likely to vibrate. It does not “laser away” skin; it causes your tissues to tighten from the inside.

In just 5 minutes, your looser tissues will be tightened enough to stop them from vibrating together when you sleep.


What to Expect


During your soft tissue laser treatment, you can expect to feel a slight warm sensation in your throat. To reduce any discomfort, we can apply a spray or gel to numb the area for a few minutes (no injections are required.) Mild irritation is extremely common. However, taking Motrin or using an over-the-counter throat spray will suffice to alleviate any tenderness in the first day or two after your procedure. The minor sensitivity is usually worth it, considering how effective the treatment can be.


What Causes Snoring?


We need to understand what causes snoring in order to determine the best treatment. Depending on the specific source of your snoring-and if it’s tied to a sleeping disorder or not-you can correct it with laser snoring treatment. In Pacific Beach, we often screen for warning signs during your dental exam, simply based on your oral anatomy and medical history.

Snoring is usually caused by vibrations in the upper and back of your throat. These tissues can partially touch each other if they are slightly stretched, enlarged, or relaxed. This is why some people snore more if they’ve consumed alcohol or have a heavier BMI. When they breathe in and out, it causes vibrations between the tissues in the back of their throat. Those vibrations cause audible sounds to come from your mouth (snoring).

The soft tissues can vibrate or become hyper-relaxed for a variety of reasons. Even medication or anatomical factors can come into play. Fortunately, Solea’s sleep laser treatment targets soft tissue vibrations at their source. It naturally tightens the skin and physically eliminates the root cause of your snoring. All of that being said, it may be necessary to touch-up the area again in the future. So, if your symptoms return, be sure to let us know.


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