What’s the Best Way to Repair Damaged Teeth?

August 1, 2022
Dental Crowns in San Diego

The earlier you repair damaged teeth, the more conservative your treatment options will be. Whether you’re in pain or need to fix a chipped tooth, Altrock Fabb Dental in San Diego has everything you need for a whole and healthy smile.


Dental Bonding


Damaged teeth with small chips in their enamel can usually be repaired with modest composite bonding. Bonding is similar to dental filling material and is used to “patch over” areas where the enamel is damaged. However, large chips cannot be bonded because the larger the restoration is, the less likely it will hold up to normal biting pressure.


Dental Crowns


Moderate to severely damaged teeth usually need the full coverage protection of a dental crown. Crowns—sometimes called “caps”—protect what’s left of your tooth and reinforce the weak structure so that you can eat normally. They cover the entire visible tooth surface all the way to the gum tissues.


Typically, traditional dental crowns require two visits to complete. But at Altrock Fabb Dental, we have added technology to provide same-day crowns in Pacific Beach, thanks to a technology called CEREC.


CEREC Same Day Crowns Near You


Same-day crowns use 3D CAD/CAM imaging to scan and mill a custom restoration right here in our office instead of sending a model of your teeth to an off-site dental lab. The process uses a machine called CEREC, which is short for chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics.


By taking a 3D virtual scan of your teeth, the digital imaging creates a computerized model of your mouth. No messy impressions are required!


CEREC same-day crowns near you use solid blocks of ceramic matched to your smile’s natural color. The block is set into the CEREC machine, and the 3D imaging of your mouth is transferred to the software. From there, the crown is carved with extreme precision. It’s placed on your tooth immediately after.


Do I Need a Dental Crown?


Crowns are required when the remaining tooth structure won’t be able to withstand normal use. Even placing a large filling inside of the tooth won’t protect the shell of enamel that’s left around it. CEREC same-day crowns provide added protection to avoid the potential loss of your damaged tooth or fractures when you bite down on it.


Our San Diego dentists also use crowns after performing endodontic treatment or on top of dental implants for single tooth replacement.


CEREC crowns take a normal two-visit process and shorten it into one appointment, providing you with immediate results. Not only does this save you valuable time, but it also prevents the need for a temporary crown or modified diet.


If You Break or Chip a Tooth


In some scenarios, it may be possible to bond your broken tooth fragment back into place. While this isn’t always an option, it’s important to locate your chipped tooth pieces when possible. Depending on the location of the break and how extensive it is, we may or may not be able to bond it back in place.


For chipped and broken teeth, keep the fragment in a sealed container so that you don’t lose it. Then make sure you keep it completely covered in a liquid such as milk or contact solution. If neither one of those options are available, you can use tap water as long as you add a pinch of salt. Then bring it to our San Diego office within the next 1-2 hours.


Will You Lose Your Tooth Altogether?


Usually, it’s best to repair a damaged tooth as quickly as possible to avoid tooth loss. Our San Diego dentists only recommend removing your tooth if the fracture extends down into the root or the damage is too severe to repair with a root canal. If that’s the case, we can help you determine the best tooth replacement (such as a bridge or implant) for functional and aesthetic purposes.


Broken Tooth Repair Near You


Altrock Fabb Dental can help you repair damaged teeth, regardless of how bad or minor the situation may seem. Our San Diego team is committed to offering gentle, attentive broken tooth repair near you to get you smiling again.


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