Altrock Fabb Dental – Leading the Way with Innovative Laser Dentistry Solutions

October 13, 2020
Altrock Fabb Dental – Leading The Way With Innovative Laser Dentistry Solutions

For many patients, a trip to the dentist comes with a fair amount of anxiety. Traditionally, dental work has been associated with painful procedures that include the use of everything from daunting needles to drills.

The work being performed by dentists is important when it comes to maintaining great oral hygiene and a spectacular smile. That said, experts in the dental field have long sought pain-free solutions for dental care issues that can simultaneously reduce discomfort and increase overall patient satisfaction.

Keeping Up with the Latest in Technology Through Laser Dentistry


As in all other medical fields, the success and modern transformation of dentistry have been highly dependent on keeping pace with innovative technology trends. Over the last 10years, major and exciting strides have been made in the world of laser dentistry.

The team at Altrock Fabb Dental is committed to keeping up with the highest standards of service in our practice. To that end, we’re proud to announce that the Solea laser is now an integral part of the pain-free approach to dental care that we offer on-site! Many patients might be asking, “What is laser dentistry?”We’re excited to provide the answers.

Understanding Laser Dentistry


Increased precision and reduced pain during dental work are both the defining and inviting features of laser dentistry. Many patients have heard of laser dentistry, but are unclear on just how it all works and in what ways this technology benefits their dental care experience.

Some may be surprised to learn that laser dentistry is a practice that’s been around for more than 20years. Fully approved by the FDA, this technology not only gives dentists more precision in their work but also expands on the number of time-efficient procedures they’re able to carry out in their practice.

Noisy drills and painful needles are swapped out for more sophisticated methods at our practice. The concentrated light energy and heat emitted by the laser are effective at cutting both soft and hard tissue during procedures.

The Solea laser is particularly seamless for work on gums but also works just as well for teeth whitening. The laser eliminates intimidating drill sounds, making it a great choice for younger patients and adults that prefer a quiet and calm experience at the dentist.

The Solea Laser Experience


At Altrock Fabb Dental, we believe that laser dentistry in San Diego has been elevated to new levels of precision and excellence with the use of the Solea laser. Overall, the Solea laser has been proven to provide faster and more efficient results for patients when compared to more traditional procedural methods.

Solea is used by many dentists to reshape or remove problematic gum tissue. This is done through the application of intense and precisely directed light energy, operating at a wavelength of 9.3 microns.

In the vast majority of cases, patients undergoing procedures that depend on Solea will not need or require anesthesia. This makes for a more comfortable and time-efficient process that is also safer for the patient.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry at Altrock Fabb Dental


Whether a patient requires laser gum disease treatment or needs a cavity filled, the benefits associated with laser dentistry are many. Laser dentistry is closely linked to efficient tissue regeneration. In general, rapid healing standards can help patients to get back to their daily routines after procedures more quickly than ever before.

The precise nature of laser dentistry often equates to a reduced risk of infection, opening up procedural options for patients who are more prone to certain medical risks. This also makes dental work more accessible to children and seniors, as well as women who are pregnant. Because this type of dental care is minimally invasive, patients enjoy the removal of risks associated with general anesthesia, too.

Solea laser treatments provide dental care that comes with minimal bleeding and a reduced need for sutures at the treatment site. Dental longevity is often seen as a benefit of this technology because natural tooth structures are far more protected.

Procedures That Pair Well with Laser Dentistry


Entering the world of laser dentistry in San Diego has been both exciting and extremely rewarding for the team at Altrock Fabb Dental. As technological standards at our practice soar, we’ve been thrilled to see how many patients are benefiting from the change.

The Solea laser is a highly versatile tool that’s been proven to be effective for a wide variety of procedures. From laser gum disease treatment and root canals to teeth whitening, this approach to dentistry is effective and comprehensive.

The precise and ultimately gentle nature of Solea makes it an ideal technology when it’s time to prepare a patient’s mouth for treatment. Common procedures patients undergo using the Solea laser include anything from reshaping soft tissue and removing tumors to removing a tongue tie that could be hindering an individual’s speech or ability to swallow.

It’s estimated that close to half of all adults in the U.S. suffer from gum disease. The Solea laser is a great tool for combating harmful bacteria that are related to this condition, as it quickly removes diseased tissue and leaves healthy tissue behind to thrive.

Fillings and cavity removal are common dental procedures that are made even more pain-free and efficient with the Solea laser. Enamel can be prepped for a filling with ease while tooth decay is removed, all without the use of loud, invasive tools.

Beyond oral hygiene standards, many patients turn to Altrock Fabb Dental for cosmetic services, including teeth whitening. Laser dentistry has been shown to speed up the whitening process by lifting stains out of teeth in a more efficient manner.

Laser Dentistry in San Diego


There’s no reason to wait when you’re looking forward to dental care that keeps up with cutting-edge technology. We provide patients with the pain-free appointment they deserve. Reach out to Altrock Fabb Dental today to learn more and to schedule your appointment.

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