Traditional vs. Same Day Dental Crowns

September 1, 2021
Traditional vs. Same Day Dental Crowns

Looking for dental crowns near you? Altrock Fabb Dental offers traditional and same-day crowns with our dentist in Pacific Beach. Both have their own unique advantages. Depending on what your personal needs are, one may be better or more convenient than the other. 

Understanding Dental Crowns


First of all, what are dental crowns? A crown—or “cap” as some people call them—is a protective cover that goes over your tooth. It reinforces weak or broken teeth so that they don’t break apart further. But since they fully enclose the natural tooth underneath, the crown must be designed extremely carefully. What do dental crowns look like? An anatomical tooth. This is why so many are made in offsite labs, by a ceramist. However, same-day crown options are now available. 


Traditional Dental Crowns


A traditional dental crown usually requires two appointments and about two weeks to complete. We prep your tooth, take an impression, then order the custom crown from a partnering lab. Each detail—from the hue and texture—is described. Our ceramist selects the appropriate colors then hand designs the restoration before returning it to our office. From there, you’ll come back in and have your temporary crown removed and the permanent one tried in. Once everything looks right, we bond it permanently into place. 


Traditional dental crowns are excellent in situations where optimal aesthetics are a concern. For instance, if you have uniquely colored enamel and need personalized color-matching so that the crown blends in, a traditional crown is best. Sometimes a custom crown may also be preferred if you have a heavy load-bearing tooth at the back of your mouth, where an alternative material (such as zirconia or gold) is necessary.


 Same-Day Dental Crowns


Now there’s an option to eliminate the two-visit, two-week crown treatment process. Same-day dental crowns are milled right here in our office. Nothing is sent to an off-site lab. 


Advanced technology allows us to virtually scan your tooth to create a digital impression. From there, the data is loaded into our milling machine. We select a matching block of ceramic and then custom mill a solid crown based on your digital model. 


Wondering how much dental crowns cost? Getting a same-day option can actually save you money when you’re taking off less time from work. Plus, there are no temporary crowns to wear or second appointments to make. We’ll calculate your dental insurance coverage to give you a better idea during your treatment plan review. 


One of the added advantages of a same-day crown is that you can use your time to catch up on other dental treatments while the crown is being made. Or you can just set back and relax until it’s time to bond it in.


Although the ceramic in a same-day crown is highly aesthetic, it may not be appropriate in your “smile zone” in every situation. The determining factor will be how well the ceramic matches your adjacent teeth. We want your smile to be healthy, but also as attractive as possible. 


If you’re considering sedation during your crown appointment, then a same-day option is best. You can complete everything from start to finish while you feel like you’re napping through the entire visit. 


Which is Right for Me?


We offer both types of dental crowns in Pacific Beach. During your exam, we’ll talk about where the tooth is located, how the crown will look, and things like how long do dental crowns last when you care for them properly (yes, you’ll need to floss around them daily.)


If you have a broken or cracked tooth, a custom dental crown is the best way to preserve your smile. When you’re short on time, that usually means a same-day dental crown is best! Contact Altrock Fabb Dental today to reserve your next appointment.

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