Three Ways to Enhance Your Smile this Christmas

December 1, 2021
Three Ways to Enhance Your Smile this Christmas

Looking to gift yourself with a gorgeous new smile this Christmas? Feeling great about the way your teeth look can help open up new opportunities, make great first impressions, and simply boost your self-confidence no matter what type of setting you’re in. Our Pacific Beach dental clinic offers several aesthetic enhancements you can consider, but here are just three examples of cosmetic dentistry options you’ll want to pay close attention to:


#1 Porcelain Veneers


Cosmetic veneers can change everything about the way your smile looks. Since they mask the teeth behind them, you can craft exactly how straight and white they are. Everything from the contours to tooth length and width can be adjusted. Some people even have their veneers crafted with tiny little discrepancies in them, just for a natural looking texture. Our porcelain veneers in Pacific Beach come with the opportunity to preview what they’ll look like before the permanent ones are fitted. That way if you want to tweak or adjust any of the details, you have plenty of time to do so.

Everyone’s veneer treatment is unique because our smiles are shaped differently. When you look in the mirror, which teeth are visible? Chances are that for most of us, it’s just 6-8 teeth across the upper front portion of our mouth. Depending on how many teeth you see, your number of necessary dental veneers will vary. We typically don’t place them on the lower front teeth, because of how they bite together when your mouth is closed.


#2 Ceramic Dental Crowns


Do you have broken or severely worn teeth? Crowns offer added reinforcement and protection in compromised areas that don’t qualify for dental veneers. Our dental crowns in Pacific Beach are crafted from durable materials that strengthen your bite while also enhancing the way those areas look. Each restoration is custom designed for optimal aesthetic appeal. No one should know the difference when you’re smiling or talking.

Altrock Fabb Dental also offers same-day ceramic dental crowns if you’re short on time. Instead of waiting on a lab to craft your crown, we can mill it here in our office. Same-day dental crowns are great for certain scenarios, especially when you have a tooth further back in your mouth that’s still visible when you smile. We select a solid block of ceramic that best matches your natural teeth, then have the crown carved with our 3D milling equipment while you sit back and relax.


#3 Teeth Whitening in Pacific Beach


The fastest and most affordable way to dramatically enhance your smile is, without a doubt, having your teeth professionally whitened. Teeth whitening in Pacific Beach can be completed here in our office or with the help of a custom take-home bleaching system.

Professional teeth whitening safely lifts natural tooth discoloration in addition to accumulated stain particles across your enamel. You’ll see whiter teeth in less time than if you were to use any commercial grade whitening product.

Whitening is great as a stand-alone smile makeover or it can be used to prep your teeth for upcoming cosmetic treatment. That way updated dental work can be matched to your brightened shade of enamel. If you’re on the fence about cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is a great first step for any smile makeover. In-house treatments only take about an hour to an hour and a half to complete, whereas our custom take-home kits require about 10-14 sessions to see the full results. Both are excellent options, depending on your personal goals.


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